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  • How do I secure my reservation?
    Please contact us through our email or schedule an in person consultation to reserve your date. After meeting with us you will be able to complete your reservation by paying the deposit and signing the rental contract. Once the deposit is received, you will be given a payment schedule for the balance due. The final balance is due 14 days prior to your event date.
  • Do you allow outside catering?
    We do have our preferred vendors that we have hand selected and come highly recommended. We pride ourselves on our flexibility so if you choose not to use our preferred caterers we happily welcome outside caterers so long as they are pre-approved, supply health department reports, and obtain the required liability insurance, including workman's compensation.
  • Can I use outside vendors?
    Yes. We accept all outside vendors (florist, photographer/videographer, dj, etc.) so long as they provide they provide their business license and required insurance information.
  • Can I bring in my own alcohol?
    Yes. Please speak to your event sale associate for further details.
  • Do I have to hire a wedding coordinator?
    Yes. The planner/coordinator is typically responsible for making sure all your vendors arrive on time and to the job as expected. As well as helping you with any problems that may arise. Our venue manager is not responsible for managing vendors' arrival, inventory, etc. Wedding coordinators we have worked with previously and that we recommend are under our preferred Vendors page. You may also to choose to work with our in-house coordinator.
  • Do you include linens?
    Linens do not come provided in the basic venue package. Linens will have to be rented either from an outside vendor or can be rented in-house from our Timeless Venues team.
  • What comes with the basic venue package?
    We will have 300 chairs and various sized tables for seating up to 300 guests for both indoor ballrooms. We will have 100 chairs available for an outdoor ceremony. We also have various tables for gifts, cake, and several lounge furniture sets.
  • Can I have food trucks?
    Yes. Food trucks are allowed if they can supply the necessary health department reports and insurance information.
  • Can I host my ceremony and reception?
    Yes! Many couples choose to host both their ceremony and reception here.
  • Parking?
    We have a large parking lot onsite that can have up to 1000 cars. Mandatory valet parking may be required for some events. Please speak to your venue sales associate for further information.
  • Is there space for the bride and groom to get ready in?
    Yes. We have two suites for the bride and groom to get ready in.
  • Do you allow candles?
    Yes, candles can be used if they are enclosed in proper holders and flame is protected.
  • Do you allow sparklers?
    Handheld wedding sparklers are legal in the city of Fountain Valley. However, unfortunately the city does not allow fireworks.
  • Do I have to rent a dance floor?
    No. Both of our venues have hardwood floors and can be used for dancing. If in budget, we would recommend a dance floor.
  • Can I have music or live band?
    Yes. Music can be both inside and outside.
  • How long do I have to set up?
    Our standard time for set up is 8 am the morning of your event. If there are no events the night before it can be possible to set up before your event. Please contact your event sales associate for availability.
  • What time does my event have to end?
    Standard procedure is 1:00 am. Accommodations can be made through contacting one of our team members.
  • Can I rent just the Garden of the Court?
    Yes. The Garden can be rented separately from the indoor ballroom of the Court. It will depend on availability as both the Garden and the indoor ballroom cannot be rented by two separate parties on the same day. Please contact us for availability.
  • Is security required?
    We recommend at least two security guards for your event.
  • What staff will be onsite to manage the venue?
    Our onsite venue manager will be there to manage the opening and closings, restrooms, and other aspects of the venue itself. Our custodians will be there to do final cleanups of the venue but are not responsible for the general clean up of each vendors items.
  • Can I change my date?
    Yes. We can be as flexible as you may require however it is subject to your dates and may incur a fee.
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